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How people might help to prevent surgical errors

People in Ohio who are scheduled for surgery may want to take steps to help to protect themselves from the potential for surgical errors. Doctors are not infallible, and they sometimes make mistakes. By getting involved in their medical care, patients may be able to help to prevent surgical mistakes.

People should make certain that they understand their treatment options and the risks that are involved with them. They should ask questions so that they can better understand what is happening and the choices that are available to them. Patients should also be thorough when they describe what is happening to them with their medical condition. They should make sure that their doctors have a complete list of all of the medications that they are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements.

A mild brain injury may threaten a victim’s manual labor job

After any significant blow to the head, a person may suffer a serious brain injury. Of course, a "serious" injury may not seem like much of a big deal at the time, especially if there is no visible evidence of harm, like other injuries display.

For those who work physically demanding jobs, the threats of a brain injury, even a mild one, are significant. Unfortunately, many manual labor jobs include superiors who take a simplistic view of these injuries and may not understand just how much harm they really cause. This can lead to great conflicts between a victim and his or her superiors in the workplace, and may cost the victim his or her job because a superior doesn't think the injury is serious or even real.

Study shows male dermatologists more likely to be sued

JAMA Dermatology released a study in December 2017 that all dermatologists in Ohio, male and female, may find interesting. The authors analyzed 90,743 malpractice claims that had since been closed and found that male physicians were more likely to be sued than female. Out of the 1,084 claims filed against dermatologists, nearly 70 percent were filed against male dermatologists.

Researchers concluded that the reason for this is because female physicians are better communicators and tend to be more proactive in giving reassurance, listening to patient input and eliciting further input. Patient-centered communication has generally been found to increase patient satisfaction.

Robotic system may improve breast biopsies

Breast biopsies account for a substantial number of cases forwarded to anatomic pathologists. However, Ohio women who have to undergo the procedure may find it very time-consuming and not completely accurate, primarily because of human errors and the inefficiencies in current surgical technology.

However, there is a 3D robotic biopsy system used in conjunction with an MRI scan that can transform how biopsies are conducted, and it may improve the accuracy of the procedure and breast cancer diagnoses. This new technology, which is currently being developed by researchers at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, can affect medical laboratories and surgical pathology around the world.

3 ways spinal injuries impact the college experience

When you got into a car crash, the last thing you were thinking about was your future. You only knew that, at that moment, you needed help. You couldn't feel parts of your body, and you knew that you were suffering from paralysis.

Over time, you've learned to cope with the changes in your life, but those injuries do impact you. As a college-aged individual, your life at school may change, too. Here are a few ways your spinal injury could impact your daily life.

Study finds navigation systems are more distracting than texting

Much has been written in Ohio about how the popularity of mobile electronic devices has led to a surge in distracted driving accidents. However, a recent study from the University of Utah suggests that the navigation and entertainment systems found in most new cars may actually be more dangerous to road users than smartphones. The study, which was conducted on behalf of the Automobile Association of America's Foundation for Traffic Safety, was based on an analysis of how participants used the information and entertainment systems of 30 2017 model year vehicles.

Texting while behind the wheel is often portrayed as the greatest threat to road safety to emerge over the last decade. However, the University of Utah researchers found that entering an address into a vehicle navigation system while moving was far more dangerous than reading or writing text messages. Participants spent 40 seconds on average to complete this task, which is concerning because research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that accident risks double when drivers take their eyes off the road for only two seconds.

Why durotomy verdicts usually favor the surgeon

When people undergo spinal surgery, they may be at risk for developing durotomy, or tears in the outer membrane of the spinal cord. In most cases, the doctor will detect these dural tears and operate on them before they create serious problems, but when he or she does not, a case could be made for medical malpractice. Ohio residents should know, however, that malpractice claims can be tricky when they involve durotomy.

A recent study, published in Spine journal, has illustrated this fact. After analyzing 48 durotomy claims from three different legal databases, the authors found that 27 of the cases ended with verdicts favoring the surgeon's side. Approximately 80 percent of those victims who were denied a settlement suffered from non-neurological conditions.

Truck drivers upset about new ELD mandate

Truck drivers in Ohio will have to start using electronic logging devices because of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's ELD mandate. The rule is going into effect, and over-the-road drivers will have to comply with it.

Under the ELD mandate, truck drivers must install the electronic logging devices in their trucks. The devices monitor when the engines are running, when the vehicles are moving and the number of miles that are driven. The devices are designed to eliminate the handwritten logbooks that truck drivers have used so that they cannot be doctored. The FMCSA states that the rule should reduce the number of truck driving accidents that are caused by drowsy truck drivers.

College students engage in 3 high-risk driving activities

You son or daughter got into Ohio State, a dream school for your entire family. You're thrilled. You know your child will get the college experience and education you've always hoped for. It's close to home, so you still get to stay involved.

You're also worried. There are so many ways for kids to get injured while they're out on their own. You know your "child" is now a legal adult, but, as any parent knows, you never really stop worrying about the risks. You never stop thinking of your kids as those tiny babies you brought home from the hospital.

How to handle driving during the winter

Ohio drivers may have experienced driving in winter weather conditions. Snow, sleet and black ice on roadways can all be primary factors in an accident occurring. Black ice is especially dangerous because drivers may not be able to tell that it is there. In some cases, its presence may not be felt until a driver has lost control of his or her automobile.

To reduce the odds of a collision during the winter, it may be a good idea to allow more time to reach a destination. In addition, driver should slow down while on the road to provide a greater stopping distance. Vehicles generally need more time to stop when roads are wet or icy. Keeping windshields free from ice or other debris will make it easier to see regardless of weather conditions. Cars should be winterized to help them better handle winter weather.

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