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Truckers and drowsy driving

Commercial truck drivers in Ohio and the rest of the United States have a higher risk of engaging in drowsy driving than other types of drivers. Drowsy driving is believed to be the cause of an estimated 100,000 motor vehicle accidents in the country every year. The extreme weight and size of commercial trucks and big rigs make them the most hazardous vehicles in drowsy driving accidents.

There are multiple factors that make truckers more likely to drive while drowsy. Pressure from their employers, excessive hours on the road and tight deadlines are all factors that lead to drowsy driving. Other drivers are able to get off of the road and get enough sleep until they can safely drive. Truck drivers, who have a limited time to deliver their cargo, may not have this option. Instead, they may continue to remain on the road past the point at which they are able to drive safely.

Abdominal pain after a car accident is always an emergency

If you're like most folks in Ohio, car accidents are so common that we all usually experience at least one in the course of our lives, sooner or later. In many instances, you may walk away from an accident without any injuries at all, thanks to the modern marvels of design and manufacturing that make it possible for us to travel at much higher speeds than at any other time in history.

Unfortunately, our familiarity with car accidents often causes us to underestimate how dangerous they truly are, especially those that don't obviously cause any injuries. In many cases, an injury that does not cause pain at first may start as something trivial and worsen until it is truly life-threatening. This is particularly true of any injury you receive to your abdomen.

Study shows Gaucher disease often misdiagnosed as PMF

Ohio residents who have been diagnosed with Gaucher disease know what's involved -- the body can no longer create a certain enzyme that breaks down fatty chemicals. This results in a fat buildup in bone marrow and certain organs, especially the liver and spleen. Since Gaucher disease shares similar symptoms with primary myelofibrosis, including liver and spleen enlargement, the two are often mistaken for each other.

Researchers have recently published a report about this unfortunate trend, concluding that a diagnostic algorithm should be made for patients with enlarged livers and spleens combined with a low blood cell count. It also explores the case of a 32-year-old woman who, back in 1994, was diagnosed with PMF when she in fact had Gaucher disease.

Disclosure of personal information can harm patients

One Ohio woman unexpectedly became the recipient of a slew of people's private medical information after her personal home fax machine was somehow wrongly entered into a local hospital's system. Over the course of a year, the woman said that she began receiving multiple faxes from the hospital, many of which contained details of patients' personally identifiable information and medical histories. She noted that it seemed as if no one was present to check on the system's operation and the results of the repeated attempted faxes.

The woman contacted local media after she attempted to call the hospital's front desk and management office, asking them to stop the faxes. She faxed a request for the hospital to stop sending her private medical information as well, but it went ignored. When a local news station contacted the hospital's management team, it said that it identified several faxes sent to the woman due to an error in a fax number entered. The hospital said that it was reaching out to the patient whose personal information was disclosed.

Recovering from whiplash after a car accident

After you survive any kind of traffic accident, there is a very good chance that you will experience some form of whiplash. This injury takes many forms and may require weeks or months of treatment, depending on the severity of the injury.

If you suffered some form of whiplash during a car accident, do not put off seeking professional medical care. Not only can professional care help you recover from the injury more effectively than waiting on your body to heal naturally, professional medical documentation of your injury often serves as a strong basis for a personal injury claim, if that is necessary.

2 brake safety programs scheduled for CMV drivers

Commercial motor vehicle drivers in Ohio and across America should know that there are two upcoming inspection sprees, both concerned with enforcing brake safety guidelines. The two initiatives form part of Operation Airbrake, a program started back in 1998 by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. During the past 20 years, more than 3.4 million brakes have been inspected.

Regarding the first initiative, a one-day inspection spree, the CVSA will not reveal the date that it will take place. The second initiative, called Brake Safety Week, has been scheduled for Sept. 16 to 22. For both events, CMV inspectors will be conducting mostly Level IV inspections since this is the level reserved for specific components.

The devastating effects of surgery gone wrong

Most Ohio residents have heard accounts of individuals who have suffered complications during or after surgery. However, when a loved one suffers complications, the reality of how devastating surgical errors can be reaches home.

Most understand that surgical procedures are designed to save lives and correct defects. The challenge arrives when a surgical procedure goes wrong because of an error during the operation. In such cases, the patient may not know what to do.

Many parties may share truck accident liability

After surviving a truck accident, it can be overwhelming to determine what to do next. Like all traffic accidents, even if you don't believe that you were injured, you should always get a medical examination to identify injuries you may not have noticed.

If you discover injuries or already know that you suffered harm, you probably need to file a personal injury claim to cover your medical expenses and compensate you for other losses like lost income while you recover. Building your claim is a delicate process, especially because a truck accident can involve so many defendants.

Study shows four-drug pancreatic cancer treatment is promising

Early-stage pancreatic cancer patients in Columbus may soon have a promising new treatment option. A recent study found that a four-drug chemotherapy treatment used for late-stage pancreatic cancer patients can help early-stage patients live significantly longer than the current standard chemo treatment.

Scientists from the Cancer Institute of Lorraine in France found that a four-drug chemo cocktail called folfirinox helped 40 percent of early pancreatic cancer patients stay cancer-free after an average of three years. In comparison, the standard chemo drug, called Gemzar, helped only 20 percent of patients stay cancer-free. In addition, nearly two-thirds of patients given folfirinox were still living after three years while less than half of Gemzar patients survived that long.

Overexercise linked to dangerous muscle condition

Ohio fitness enthusiasts know that sore muscles often follow a heavy workout. In rare cases, however, muscle pain can be a symptom of something much more serious.

Recently, a 17-year-old in Texas suffered very sore muscles after lifting weights at a gym for 90 minutes. According to media reports, the teen's muscles were swollen and too tender to touch. Concerned, his mother searched the internet and found information on a potentially deadly medical condition called rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdo. She informed the family pediatrician of her suspicion, and the teen was later diagnosed with the condition. He was hospitalized for five days and is expected to make a full recovery.

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