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Nursing Home Falls

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Experienced Representation To Help Recover Compensation For Nursing Home Fall Injuries

A serious but often overlooked risk to seniors is falling. Seniors typically suffer from diminished coordination and musculature that can put them at risk of falling. Seniors are also more likely to suffer more serious injury after a fall than younger individuals. They also heal less quickly.

Nursing homes are aware of these risks and know that they need to take great care to ensure that the seniors in their care are protected from the possibility of falling and injuring themselves. Common tools that a nursing home can use to help prevent falls include:

  • Bed or chair alarms
  • Restraints*
  • Bed rails*
  • Low beds

Simply watching patients or helping them to the restroom is often enough to avoid a fall. *Restraints and bedrails are not permitted in all circumstances.

Legal Recourse For Nursing Home Falls

Sadly, many nursing home staff members fail to implement procedures to reduce these risks. Countless nursing home patients suffer injury every year as a result. If your loved one was the victim of negligent supervision, fell and suffered injury, we can help.

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Since 1968, our team at Van Eman Law, LLC, has helped many seniors and others injured by nursing home negligence recover compensation.

We will aggressively pursue compensation and work to create accountability on the part of those who are responsible for your loved one’s injury. Our attorneys have decades of experience, and are capable of holding the necessary parties accountable and getting the compensation your loved one deserves.

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