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Legal Representation For Victims Of Hospital Falls

When someone is in the hospital, it is only natural to expect that a safe environment will be provided to help meet the patient’s needs. However, falls in hospitals can and do happen and frequently cause serious fractures, especially in the elderly.

Top Five Causes Of Hospital Falls

Hospital patients are in a vulnerable state and extra precautions must be taken regarding their care. Some of the common causes of hospital falls include:

  1. Patient transfers: Many patients may be immobile for any number of reasons and require manual transfer by hospital staff to get in and out of bed. Staff should move patients in a safe and effective manner that is designed to reduce the risk of injury. When staff fails to provide this level of care, falls and serious injuries can occur.
  2. Falling out of bed: Patients can also fall out of bed when unattended and when proper fall precautions, such as bed rails, are not used.
  3. Premature discharge: Medications and certain medical conditions can leave patients feeling dizzy and prone to a loss of balance. If a patient who is at risk for a fall is discharged early or is not given instructions for how to avoid a fall, the medical provider may be liable for the harm the results.
  4. Slippery floors: Hospitals must maintain a sterile environment. This requires a frequent cleaning of floors and other surfaces. If a floor is wet or otherwise slippery, the medical provider must take proper precautions to warn patients and visitors. If the hospital fails to provide a warning, it may be responsible for any ensuing damages.
  5. Failure to warn of medication hazards: Many medications result in dizzying side effects. If a patient is given a medication and not warned of the increased risk of falling, disastrous results may occur.

Helping You Seek Compensation For Your Injury

When medical facilities fail to address conditions that are likely to result in a fall, serious harm can occur and the injured victim may be entitled to recover financial compensation for his or her injuries.

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