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Scarring & Disfiguration

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Helping You Find The Real Value Of Your Scar Injury

A dog bite, a burn injury or a car wreck can leave an injured person with lasting scars and disfigurement as well as psychological trauma long after their wounds heal.

If you or a loved one was the victim of an accident that has left traumatic scar injuries, reaching out to a lawyer for help is extremely important.

There will be costly medical care and possibly other consequences you may not expect.

Plastic Surgery

In many instances, reconstructive or plastic surgery is necessary or recommended. Due to the unknown costs and number of surgical procedures, compensation may be difficult to estimate.

Psychological Counseling

Particularly for children, psychological counseling may be necessary. Such therapy may help you deal with depression, cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and otherwise handle the stressful aspects of your injuries.

Decades Of Combined Legal Experience To Offer You

At Van Eman Law, LLC, our Columbus, Ohio, attorneys have been handling these and many other personal injury cases for decades.

We understand that burns and scarring bring physical, emotional and financial challenges for accident victims.

Why Getting An Experienced Attorney To Handle Your Claim Is Vital

Insurance companies may offer you or your loved one a settlement. While it is tempting to take the offer, speaking to an attorney first is important — simply because you just don’t know the financial costs of the injury in the future.

An attorney can evaluate the financial costs you or your loved one has sustained in the past, but will also be able to ascertain future costs.

Don’t let an insurance company dictate what your case is worth; hire a lawyer who can fight for compensation needed for your situation.

Potential Responsible Parties

Depending on the details of how you were injured, we can help you obtain compensation from a variety of sources, including:

  • Workers’ compensation if the scarring accident occurred on the job
  • Product manufacturers such as the makers of defective construction equipment or power tools
  • Motorists who caused or contributed to a car accident or other traffic accident that resulted in injury
  • Property owners who failed to take reasonable measures to warn you of a hazard or otherwise prevent your injury
  • Doctors or hospital staff whose actions caused your injury

Even if you believe your surgical scar or other type of scar is minor, talk to our team first so you can make an informed decision about your circumstances.

Do not accept a settlement too quickly without knowing the full extent of your injuries and the amount of compensation you or your loved one may need down the line.

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