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Medical Malpractice

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Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have a duty to provide care that meets certain standards. When they fail to meet the applicable standards and a patient is injured, they have committed medical malpractice and they need to be held accountable for the lapse in care and its consequences.

Understanding When An Injury Was Caused By Malpractice

The existence of a physician-patient relationship places on the physician the duty to act as a physician of reasonable skill, care, and diligence under similar circumstances. This is known as the standard of care. The standard of care is to do those things that a reasonably careful physician would do and to refrain from doing those things that a reasonably careful physician would not do. The required standard of care is the same throughout the United States.

A malpractice claim arises when a physician fails to meet the standard of care for his or her specialty and causes an injury or death. Proving a malpractice case is not simple. In fact, malpractice cases are complex.

Proving a winning malpractice case requires extensive experience in analyzing the medical records and literature and conducting thorough investigations with expert witnesses. Many depositions are taken and often times there is a jury trial.

Van Eman Law, LLC handle malpractice cases throughout the state of Ohio, including central and southern Ohio.

Categories Of Medical Negligence

There are many different ways medical errors can occur. The top four categories include:

1. Errors By Medical Professionals

Some of the most common and catastrophic errors by medical professionals involve negligent surgical procedures, including anesthesia errors and medical tools left inside the bodies of patients, careless medication errors by pharmacists or doctors, birth injuries, misdiagnosis and other conduct that does not meet the prevailing standard of care.

2. Facility Negligence

Hospitals and labs can also fail to interpret or forward results and important test results which can lead to a delay or missed diagnosis.

3. Failure To Diagnose

Early detection is critical for treatment, containment and remediation of cancer, heart problems, diabetes and a range of other physical problems, including those stemming from a lack of oxygen to a baby during birth. Serious illnesses allowed to grow or expand cause increased complications as a result of a doctor’s failure to detect the illness.

4. Lack Of Informed Consent

Patients are entitled to make decisions regarding their medical treatment and are entitled to be informed about the material risks for a medical procedure or treatment. When a physician fails to disclose to a patient the material risks and dangers of a surgery or other care, and an injury occurs, then the patient may have a claim based on lack of informed consent.

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