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Nursing Home Patient Psychological Abuse

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Helping Columbus Families Recover From Psychological Abuse In Nursing Homes

Emotional abuse of residents in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living homes and transitional care facilities happens frequently.

Perhaps your loved one had been complaining of fear and discomfort in connection with nighttime care at a nursing home or other long-term care facility. You may have disregarded the complaints, considering them to be normal adjustment problems of living in a care facility.

However, then a crisis occurred: Your loved one fell and broke a hip, wandered outside the facility or had some other emergency resulting in injury. Bedsores or unexplained bruises or skin tears may have developed around the same time.

Whatever injuries or losses your loved one has endured while in the care of a nursing home, assisted living facility or other long-term care institution, you deserve to know the truth. A review of records at the facility may uncover clear evidence that mental abuse was going on.

If your loved one incurred medical expenses or died without a good explanation after complaining about a harsh emotional environment in a facility, you are doing the right thing by looking for a lawyer to discuss the matter.

Helping You Uncover The Truth

Rest assured that our Columbus attorneys are on your side. At Van Eman Law, LLC, our legal team will take the time to investigate to uncover the truth about what happened and seek legal recourse to compensate you and your loved one for the harm caused.

With over 100 years of legal experience, we have handled many of these and other nursing home abuse and neglect cases for those in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding communities.

If you suspect anything, you do not have to remain silent.

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