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Mediation Services

Over 35 Years of Experience

Over 35 Years of Mediation Experience

Mr. Van Eman has been a litigator for over 35 years and is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, an Ohio Supreme Court Approved Agency. Given his extensive trial experience and knowledge of the risks, costs and benefits of a case being tried to a jury or judge, he is ideally suited to help others try to resolve their disputes by way of mediation.

Tim draws on his experience as a litigator to help individuals, businesses, insurance companies and governmental agencies avoid the risks and uncertainties of trial. With that in mind, Tim’s mission in mediating cases includes:

Commitment and Personal Service – Tim believes in direct, honest discussions with lawyers and decision makers in the cases he mediates.  He also prides himself on sticking with the matter if it is not resolved at an initial mediation.

Preparation and Hard Work – Tim doesn’t  just “show up” for a mediation without preparing.  He will prepare and review materials submitted by the participants to whatever extent they desire.

Fairness and Neutrality –  The hallmark of an excellent mediator is to not show favoritism or bias to any side in a case.  While Tim will be frank and honest with participants, he can be counted on to be a trusted neutral.

Convenience – Tim will mediate in person or via Zoom.  He will also travel to mediations when requested and often handles complex mediations with multiple parties that can at times last several days.

We Have The Skill And Resources To Help You.

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