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Wrong-way crashes on the rise in Ohio

Wrong-way crashes can be devastating partially because of the impact that occurs when the vehicles collide. New information shows that the number of deaths caused by wrong-way accidents has gone up in Ohio. In fact, the number of wrong-way crashes overall has gone up in the state.

In 2013, there were 446 wrong-way crashes in the state. That increased to 467 in 2014 and increased again to 553 in 2015. When it comes to deaths caused by these accidents, the data is harrowing. Already in 2016, Ohio has had more fatalities on the interstates than the fatalities for wrong-way crashes on interstates in all of 2014. There isn’t data for 2015 for this information. There have been 16 deaths in wrong-way highway crashes so far this year. In all of 2014, there were a total of seven fatalities in wrong-way highway crashes.

The National Transportation Safety Board notes that most of the wrong-way crashes occur on the interstates at night. In most cases, the passing lane closest to the median of the highway. Often, drunk driving is a factor in these accidents. Some drivers might also get confused and enter the highway via an exit ramp.

One interesting point that has been raised is that of drivers intentionally driving the wrong way on the roadways. This is what officials are concerned about.

As for now, drivers who are on the roadways in Ohio must be on the lookout for wrong-way drivers. While this might not always mean that there is a way to avoid a crash, it might help to prevent some accidents. People who are injured by wrong-way drivers and those who lose a loved one in these accidents might choose to pursue claims for damages.

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