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Deputy hit by car, rushed to hospital in Ohio

A deputy in Ohio was struck by a car and had to be rushed to a nearby medical center. As of the last reports, he is in stable condition.

The deputy was working with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, and he was out in Whitewater Township, close to I-275 and I-74, because there had been a previous car accident. He’d responded to the scene and was investigating.

While he was outside of his police car, another vehicle came around the bend, went out of control and hit him. It also hit his police car and the guardrail.

The deputy appears to have suffered a head injury, as he was thrown off his feet and into the air by the vehicle. When he came back down, he hit the ground headfirst. The medical crews said that he was initially unconscious, but he has woken up and they expect him to make it. They have been looking to see if there are any related injuries, such as broken bones.

Another police officer was on the scene and was hit by airborne debris, but did not suffer the same extensive injuries. Likewise, the driver of the car that ran into the officers had only minor injuries.

Pictures from the scene show a number of cars in the ditch on the side of the highway, including one red car with a damaged front end. The rear end of one of the police cruisers is also damaged, with the back end smashed in and the bumper hanging down.

Those who are injured by other drivers need to be aware of their rights to compensation when serious injuries put them in the hospital.

Source: Fox 28, “Southwest Ohio Deputy hospitalized after being hit by car at crash scene,” Elizabeth Faugl, Dec. 01, 2015