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What happens at my first attorney meeting?

Every personal injury case, including those involving nursing home neglect, starts with a meeting with a lawyer. Understanding what is usually involved in your first meeting with an attorney can help you be better prepared with any documents or information you need to bring with you and ensure your expectations for the initial meeting are realistic.

The first time you talk with an attorney about your case is often referred to as a consultation. At this point, you probably have many questions about whether you have a case, what will be involved if you choose to move forward and what the likely outcomes will be. At the consultation, your lawyer will concentrate on getting the details of the case to gain a better understanding of the circumstances and issues involved.

Attorneys usually start the first meeting by gathering contact information from you and basic information on those involved, such as names, ages and relationship to you. Then, the attorney will most likely ask you to tell him about your case. It’s important to give as many details as you can but keep them relevant to the case. In cases of nursing home neglect, a previous incident with a member of the staff may be relevant while what happened at a previous care facility is likely not.

After you have finished explaining why you are seeking legal counsel, your attorney will then ask any questions he or she has about the information you have provided. It’s important to have any paperwork or photos that you believe are relevant to the case with you, so your attorney can make copies right then if needed. After the consultation is over, the attorney will advise you on your options moving forward and give you more details on what will be involved.

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