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The damages of nursing home abuse can be insurmountable

As we discussed in our previous blog post, nursing home residents deserve to be cared for properly. These residents pay money or their insurance pays money to ensure that they are receiving competent care. When these residents don’t get the care they deserve, they can suffer from serious consequences.

We have seen nursing home residents who have endured abuse and neglect that is horrible. The fact of the matter is that many nursing home residents are in frail condition and can’t deal with inadequate care or abuse. They feel the effects of these actions in a very severe way.

There are several different types of nursing home abuse and neglect that can occur. Each of these can lead to very scary situations. Wandering off is a huge problem for nursing home residents. Just think of what could happen if a resident wandered off in the middle of winter without appropriate clothing. Hypothermia or death could be minutes away.

Sexual abuse, psychological abuse and physical abuse can all have significant effects on the resident. In some cases, the emotional toll alone might be insurmountable. Sadly, that means that the resident would live out the rest of his or her time here without ever truly being happy or content.

When your loved one has been abused or neglected while in a nursing home, you should take action right away to try to put a stop to the horrors. You might also decide that seeking compensation is necessary. We can explore the case and help you and your loved one to make a choice about how to handle the situation.