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Seriously ill veteran evicted by nursing home

Ohio readers who care about veterans’ issues might be interested in the account of a disabled, seriously ill veteran who was left in an unfurnished apartment with no phone, medication or food after being evicted from an Iowa nursing home on Nov. 1, 2013. According to county and state records, the 65-year-old veteran was suffering from multiple health issues including insulin-dependent diabetes, congestive heart failure and a life-threatening blood infection.

The next day, the veteran was transported by ambulance to a local hospital after police and a neighbor discovered his situation. In December 2013, state investigators issued a report detailing their investigation into the alleged nursing home neglect. The nursing home was fined a total of $5,752 by the federal government in connection with the veterans’ case.

The veteran had been admitted to the nursing home in July after it was determined by state social workers and local police that he was not capable of caring for himself, according to the report. After his admission, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, elevated blood pressure, congestive heart failure, PTSD and other conditions.

In addition, he needed assistance with hygiene and mobility. He allegedly refused to cooperate with staff when they attempted to sign him up for Medicaid to pay for his care and reportedly showed signs of disorganized thinking. He was given a letter stating that he would be evicted two months after he was admitted.

Elderly individuals may be vulnerable and may not be able to communicate effectively if they are being neglected or abused. A personal injury lawyer might be able to protect the interests of a person who has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Source: USA Today, “Iowa nursing home ‘dumps’ ailing veteran without care“, Clark Kauffman, January 28, 2014