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Ohio State Highway Patrol searching for 2 hit-and-run drivers

On Oct. 6, a woman in Youngstown suffered fatal injuries in an Interstate 680 accident, authorities reported. The woman was struck by a northbound vehicle after she exited her own car on the highway’s median to remove debris that had become lodged beneath her vehicle, authorities said.

The incident reportedly occurred near the Shirley Road exit at approximately 5:30 a.m. The force of the northbound vehicle thrust the woman into a southbound lane, where she was hit by another vehicle, according to authorities.

The drivers of the two cars that struck the woman fled the accident scene without stopping, purportedly. Law enforcement officials indicated that investigators have a lead regarding the identity of the first vehicle’s driver. An investigation is currently being carried out by an accident reconstruction unit of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The identities of the two hit-and-run drivers allegedly involved in this case may be critical information for the family members of the woman who died in the accident. That is because, regardless of any criminal charges that might accompany their identification, families of deceased accident victims may wish to pursue civil action in connection with the fatal accident. For, certain family members of people who die on account of other parties’ actionable behavior, such as reckless or negligent driving, may be entitled to wrongful death compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Hence, many bereaved family members seek the representation of a wrongful death attorney following an accident that claims the life of their loved one. When claimants in a wrongful death lawsuit prevail, they might be awarded restitution for pecuniary damages they suffered as a result of the deadly event.

Source:, “UPDATE | Woman killed in I-680 accident today in Youngstown “, October 06, 2014