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Death caused by exotic animal leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Accidents happen every day, and they can sometimes result in unfortunately severe injuries, and, at times, death. Most often these injuries are caused by car accidents, trucking accidents, falling or other common accidents. Not as often are injuries incurred by exotic animals kept as pets. However, this is the situation faced by the mother of an Ohio man that was mauled and killed by a bear kept as a pet by another Ohio resident.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed this week asks for $50,000 dollars in damages for the 24-year-old victim who was killed by a bear two years ago. The owner of the exotic animal has since passed away, but the lawsuit has been filed against his estate. The damages the mother is asking for will cover compensation for his death, as well as survivorship benefits for the next of kin.

On August 19, 2010, the young man was feeding the bear from outside of its cage when it began to attack. He was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Medical authorities stated that he had about 600 wounds and his death was caused by blunt impacts and sharp injuries to his head, extremities and torso.

Fatal accidents can be tragic in many ways for the loved ones of the deceased. They can cause unexpected financial hardship as well as emotional difficulties and instability. When that fatal accident is caused by the negligence or lack of care on behalf of another party, the loved ones may be able to recover compensation under a wrongful death lawsuit.

It is important to begin investigating the accident as quickly after it occurs as possible. Once answers are obtained regarding who is at fault, those negatively impacted by the accident will be able to determine what their options are moving forward.

Source: The Chronicle-Telegram, “Wrongful death lawsuit filed in bear mauling,” Brad Dicken, Aug. 18, 2012