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2 cars strike and kill Ohio pedestrian, driver accused of lying

Everyone knows that when vehicles collide, the consequences can be devastating. However, what can be even more serious and potentially devastating is when a car accident involves a pedestrian. Sadly, that was the case in a recent Ohio car crash involving two vehicles and one person on foot.

The fatal accident occurred around 11:00 p.m. when a 33-year-old man was walking along the roadside. The details of the tragedy were sparse, but it was clear that the man was initially struck by a Dodge Neon and then hit again by a Ford Taurus.

The victim was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, but he ultimately died from his injuries.

The investigation is ongoing, and so far no one has been charged with causing the man’s death. However, the driver who initially hit the man is accused of giving false information to authorities. One has to wonder about the motivation for that kind of action.

Whether on foot or in a vehicle, when a person is injured or killed in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, the victim or surviving family members may be able to recover compensation under a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Such compensation is given to help with medical costs and funeral expenses, as well as to help the family members in their time of grief.

Fatal accidents can be crushing for surviving loved ones, making time off from work and counseling necessary to return to some semblance of normal life. Those costs are often compounded by the lost wages of the deceased. Ohio residents who have been negatively affected in such a way by another person’s negligence should be aware of their options under the law.

Source: WFMJ, “One dead after car accident in Boardman,” Aug. 14, 2012