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Columbus woman injured in truck accident

A 24-year-old Columbus woman is in the hospital receiving medical treatment after a truck accident. The woman was driving on a three-lane highway. As the three lanes merged into two, the driver of a flatbed semi-truck slowed down for traffic. The vehicles collided while merging, lodging the woman’s vehicle under a portion of the truck.

The woman experienced chest pains and a severe injury to her leg. She was transported to Grant Medical Center, where she was announced to be in serious condition. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured.

As Ohio residents know, accidents that occur between a tractor-trailer and a car can be very serious and sometimes deadly.

Although authorities reported that the woman struck the back of the semi-truck, it is still important to collect all of the facts. She should not rule out receiving compensation for her injuries until she has exhausted all avenues and gathered all of the necessary information.

Drivers of semi-trucks and their employers are held to a higher standard than other drivers on the road. In addition, the laws regarding truck driving vary from the laws regulating the operation of other motorized vehicles.

Some of the important information to collect after a truck accident includes the following:

  • Talk to witnesses
  • Obtain accident reports
  • Review and keep records of medical bills
  • Understand whether the victim will have a full or partial recovery
  • Review driver logs, company training procedures and truck maintenance and upkeep

Only after all of the above information has been thoroughly analyzed will the injured party know if he or she could be entitled to compensation for injuries resulting from an accident. Working with an attorney who is experienced in motor vehicle accidents can help an injured person make solid decisions regarding compensation and the costs of recovery.

Source: Mansfield News Journal, “Woman hurt in I-71 crash,” Feb. 7, 2012