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Truck accident takes the life of former Columbus police officer

Auto accidents are nothing new to residents of Columbus, but the shock of crashes that turn fatal may never subside. Sadly, a former Columbus police officer perished when a semi tractor-trailer hit the delivery van he was driving. The accident caused the closure of Interstate 70 for nearly six hours during the investigation and cleanup of the scene.

According to police, the fatal truck accident occurred when the commercial trailer swerved to avoid slowed or stopped vehicles in the lanes running west near the South Champion Avenue overpass. Instead of finding open road, the semi smashed into three vehicles, including the minivan containing the former officer. While no one else involved in the accident sustained injuries, the 68-year old man did not survive, passing away after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Accidents such as this one highlight some of the dangers of crashes involving commercial vehicles. Here, it appears as if the truck driver may have made an ill-fated decision to merge where no space was available. Sadly, the family of the deceased is now forced to grieve a life lost too early.

While no amount of money can replace the life of a loved one, legal options are available should the retired officer’s family pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. If a court finds that the other driver is at fault, the family could recover damages for loss of companionship, loss of future income, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and funeral expenses. In these difficult times, an experienced personal injury attorney can help the family of the victim wade through their options and receive caring guidance regarding the compensation they deserve.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, “Driver dies when car struck by semi on I-70,” Jim Woods, Feb. 15, 2012