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Warming temperatures start off motorcycle season

Much to the appreciation of riders across the state, Ohio ushered in a warm and early spring, with temperatures rising to the mid 80s in May. The warm weather was an appropriate welcome to the month which also serves as National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Every year, drivers are reminded to share the road with motorcycles. Officials ask both drivers and riders to take every safety precaution possible to protect themselves from an accident.

According to figures from the Ohio Highway Patrol, there were 140 motorcycle accident fatalities in the state in 2014 alone, and more than 10,000 people have been injured in these accidents since 2012. Officials urge motor vehicle drivers to double check blind spots, use extra caution when changing lanes or making turns across intersections and give riders an extra-wide berth on the road.

An officer with the Ohio Highway Patrol reported that most motorcycle accidents happen at intersections, and one leading cause was drivers not giving riders the same space on the road they would give to a motor vehicle. Officials also caution riders to always assume that a vehicle is not going to stop in the intersections. This type of defensive action can help riders stay cautious and avoid an accident.

Whether a fatal accident is the result of a distracted driver, someone misjudging how fast a motorcycle is approaching in oncoming traffic or just plain failure to see the rider, the results are devastating for the riders who have very little protection against the impact of the crash. When the worst happens, an attorney can help you determine whether you have any grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

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