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Tight delivery schedules can become your problem on the road

Accidents between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck often result in catastrophic injuries or death for the people in the passenger vehicle. Despite how dangerous these accidents are, trucking accidents are still on the rise.

Many people often associate the increase in accidents as a result of driver error, but the nature of the job may also be partially responsible.

How the job can promote incident

Due to an ever-increasing demand for products and the continued success of online shopping, the demand for product delivery shipments has steadily increased over the years. When drivers struggle to meet their delivery schedules’ demands, they may wind up cutting corners to meet these goals.

Truck drivers may decide to drive extra hours in a day, drive over the speed limit, or take medications or supplements to keep them awake longer. These decisions reduce the truck driver’s ability to maintain the safety of their vehicle and those around them on the road.

A driver who has spent twenty consecutive hours behind the wheel is less likely to notice passenger vehicles around them before executing a maneuver on the road. This exhaustion can result in a truck pushing another vehicle off the road or rear-ending them.

Do not take chances with your safety

If you are driving near a semi-truck, do not take your safety for granted. Make sure that you are not and one of the trucks blind spots by checking their mirrors. If you cannot see the driver of the vehicle, they cannot see you. Keep an eye on the truck, and if you see any suspicious behavior from the driver or their vehicle, maintain a safe distance between you and them.