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There is No Excuse for A Sponge to be Left Behind During Surgery Here in Columbus, But It Happens More than You Might Think

The AMA recently published a report that documented the thousands of instances where foreign objects, particularly sponges, are left in patients after surgery each year in the United States. There are specific protocols in the operating room that require nurses and supporting medical professionals to carefully monitor sponges, clamps and tools used during a surgical procedure. They are to count each and every sponge that is used, and account for them after surgery.

So how is it possible for a sponge or other foreign object to be left in a patient? There are too many reasons to list in this format, but generally speaking it usually comes down to distraction in key moments or fatigue. Whatever the reason, a sponge or foreign object that remains after surgery will almost always cause additional complications. Something doesn’t quite feel right, or you start to experience other symptoms that don’t appear to have anything to do with complications after your surgery.

There are reported cases where the foreign object was not identified for months and in many cases years. Any sponge or foreign object left in a patient after surgery rises to the level of medical malpractice. You or your loved one has experienced extensive discomfort, and may have been through several office visits or subsequent medical follow through before the actual cause was identified. You have every right to recover for what has happened.

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