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Study says bike helmets massively reduce head injury odds

If you have children, getting them to wear bike helmets may be a constant struggle. They don’t want to wear them, and you have to fight about it every time they go for a ride.

Some parents give up. However, a new study says that helmets are incredibly helpful, massively reducing the odds of serious head injuries.

Specifically, the study claims that the chances of a head injury drop by 51 percent when wearing a helmet. This includes minor injuries. The impact is even more dramatic when looking at serious head injuries, as the odds fall by a full 69 percent. Facial injuries odds also drop, though not by as much since bike helmets typically don’t have face shields. They fell by just 33 percent — which is still significant.

Though it may be hard to think about, what you’re most worried about as a parent is a fatal injury. You’ll be glad to know that the odds of a deadly head injury fall by 65 percent when wearing a helmet.

Neck injuries did remain unchanged. However, researchers said these weren’t really connected to helmet use and they were also considered rare.

As you can see, getting your kids to wear their bike helmets is huge, whether you’re worried about them crashing on their own or being struck by motor vehicles. That helmet could save a child’s life and prevent life-changing brain injuries.

If your child is hurt, though, you may find yourself facing high medical bills. Be sure you know all of the legal options you have to seek compensation.

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