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Study looks at deadly accidents caused by speeding

In Ohio, 14% of fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by speeding. The state actually has the ninth-lowest percentage rate in the nation for fatal accidents caused by speeding. Ohio is far below the District of Columbia and New Hampshire, which have percentage rates of 39.5% and 38%, respectively. However, speeding is still a serious problem in the state.

A study by ValuePenguin looked at data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding fatalities to reach its conclusions. The states with the lowest rates of deadly accidents from speeding were Florida and Mississippi. Most other states in the Southeast were also among those with the lowest rates of speeding-related deaths. Overall, more than 20% of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the country happened because of drivers either traveling faster than the posted speed limit or going too fast for road conditions.

In addition to Washington, D.C., 17 states had a speeding-related motor vehicle fatality rate that was at least 20%. Drivers should be aware that in addition to the danger to themselves and others, speeding can also be expensive. Recognizing the role of speeding in causing serious accidents, insurance companies may significantly raise a person’s premiums as a result of getting a speeding ticket.

A family that has lost a loved one as a result of another driver’s speeding or some other reckless action may want to consult with an auto accident attorney. Legal counsel could investigate the cause of an accident and determine if a wrongful death suit would be appropriate. Depending on the circumstances, plaintiffs could obtain compensation for funeral costs, medical bills, loss of consortium and more.