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Study examines ADHD, medication and car accidents

Some Ohio drivers that have ADHD might be less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident if they take medication. This was one of the findings of a study published in “JAMA Psychiatry.” The study involved 2.3 million people who had ADHD and were older than 18. Nearly 84 percent had been prescribed one or more medications for ADHD. Researchers found that drivers that had ADHD were more likely to have a motor vehicle accident. However, men with ADHD that took medication were 38 percent less likely to have an accident, and women were 42 percent less likely. Overall, the study estimated that there could have been as many as 22 percent fewer accidents if drivers took their ADHD medication.

The study did have some limitations. It only looked at accidents that involved emergency room visits. Researchers examined all motor vehicle accidents instead of just those caused by distracted drivers. Furthermore, the study based its assessment of medication use on whether prescriptions were filled, although this does not necessarily indicate that the driver was taking the medication.

While driving can be challenging for people who have ADHD, experts also report that it becomes less difficult as it becomes routine. In addition to medication, practice is another way that people who have ADHD can drive safely.

People who are injured in a motor vehicle accident might want to speak with Columbus, Ohio, auto accident injuries compensation attorneys. If another driver caused the accident, he or she may be responsible for the expenses of the people who are injured. However, in some cases, there may be complications. The driver may be underinsured, or the insurance company may argue that the driver is not at fault or offer too little in compensation. A lawyer may be able to negotiate with the insurance company or file a lawsuit.