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Soccer referee who was punched, dies from brain injury

The human brain is an intricate and delicate organ. The brain regulates all body processes and allows an individual to think, reason and communicate. When a portion of the brain sustains an injury, an impacted individual may be rendered unable to walk or talk or may seem like a completely different person.

Doctors continue to be mystified by how the brain works and why some people seem to bounce back relatively unscathed from a brain injury while others remain severely disabled. What is clear is that a blow sustained to the head and brain can be a devastating and potentially fatal injury.


A tragic incident in which a soccer referee died from a brain injury recently made national headlines. A 17-year-old male suspect is currently in police custody awaiting criminal charges in the 46-year-old referee’s death. The brain injury stemmed from an argument that ensued related to a call the referee made during a soccer game. The 17-year-old became upset over the call and ended up punching the referee squarely in the face.

Reeling from the blow, the 46-year-old remained conscious but complained of feeling dizzy and nauseous. The situation took a turn for the worse when he began vomiting blood and he was rushed to the hospital. After being admitted, the 46-year-old’s brain continued to swell and he slipped into a coma. He died a week later as a result for the traumatic brain injury and subsequent brain swelling and damage.

This incredibly sad and tragic incident proves how even one blow to the head can result in a severe and potentially fatal brain injury. By the time such an injury has occurred, doctors are in a race against time to control the swelling in the brain that can cause irreversible brain damage and even lead to death.

Individuals who have sustained a brain injury as a result of the negligent actions of another, whether it be in a car accident or a medical procedure, may want to consult with an attorney. In such cases, a lawsuit may help an injured individual recover compensation related to their injuries and medical expenses and needs.

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