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Highway tractor-trailer accidents

Summers is almost here, and the warming temperatures have many Ohio residents contemplating travels near and far. While interstates and highways are one of the easiest ways to get from place to place, they can also be the location of serious accidents because of the faster traveling speeds and increased tractor-trailer presence.

The inherent size of tractor-trailers makes them more difficult to control and maneuver, especially at high speeds or under windy or treacherous road conditions. Truck drivers need to have adequate training and experience in handling these vehicles under a variety of conditions to ensure that they are well equipped to drive as safely as possible, protecting other drivers on the road.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, truck companies hire drivers who are not experienced or skimp on training to protect profits, but they put the public — and their drivers — at risk when they do this. Inexperienced drivers may be over confident and believe they can handle poor road conditions at higher speeds or even drive longer than allowed in an effort to get their cargo to the destination more quickly.

It is also possible for drivers to skimp on the before driving inspection or the routine maintenance procedures, which can have disastrous consequences when something goes wrong and traffic is moving at 70 mph. Filing a personal injury suit against a truck driver or the trucking company can be difficult, but we are here to help you navigate the aftermath and understand your legal options. Discussing the details of your situation with an attorney and getting more information is the first step.