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Estate of deceased resident sues nursing home citing neglect

All Ohio families eventually must have frank discussions on how to best care and provide for an aging loved one. In many cases, family members are not financially or emotionally equipped to manage round-the-clock care of an ailing parent or grandparent. Physical and mental ailments often necessitate assistance with everyday tasks and personal care matters. What’s more, many elderly Americans require supervision to ensure prescription medications are taken and fall accidents do not occur.

For many families, nursing homes provide the promise of a much-needed safe haven for a loved one. While many nursing homes do indeed provide exemplary care, others engage in negligent actions that endanger the safety, health and overall wellbeing of residents.

The estate of an 84-year-old former nursing home resident, recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home and a former nursing home employee. The lawsuit details how negligent acts carried out by the nursing home and employee allowed the 84-year-old woman to wander from the home’s walls and out into the cold.

The former employee named as a defendant in the lawsuit was the only employee on duty the night the 84-year-old wandered off. The employee was responsible for supervising 30 patients and is accused of failing to provide a safe environment and proper nursing care.

According to the lawsuit, the 84-year-old woman suffered numerous injuries and  severe emotional and mental pain and distress as a direct result of the defendants’ negligence. The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Family members who question a loved one’s safety and wellbeing at a nursing home or assisted care facility should take action. Dropping by unexpectedly, inspecting a loved one’s body for bruises or sores and questioning staff and administrators is a good way to gauge if problems associated with nursing home neglect or abuse may be an issue.

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