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DUI fatalities on the Fourth of July

Every year, many Ohio residents flock the streets to celebrate the Fourth of July. While the day is full of fun and fireworks, it is also considered to be one of the deadliest days of the year. According to a study of DUI fatality data, car accident fatalities involving drunk drivers were estimated to be 57% more likely to occur on the Fourth of July than other days.

In 2017 alone, 184 car accident fatalities involving drunk drivers occurred during the holiday weekend. In addition, the Fourth of July seems to become even more deadly if the holiday falls on a Wednesday. According to the report, the DUI fatality rate was 43% higher when the Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday than when it fell on a Saturday.

Drunk driving can have severe consequences for others who share the roads with the drunk drivers and for the drunk drivers themselves. For other motorists, they can become involved in serious car accidents that may result in catastrophic injuries. For the drunk drivers themselves, a DUI conviction that did not involve a car accident could result in a loss of driving privileges and major fines if it is a first conviction. Jail time, serious charges and a lengthy driving suspension could occur if another person became injured as a result of the drunk driver’s actions.

Those who become involved in car accidents that were caused by a drunk driver may be entitled to compensation based on the severity of the injuries. In many cases, auto accident injuries compensation attorneys may assist with reviewing the car accident case by looking at the evidence, such as police records, hospital records and even witness testimony. Depending on the situation, an injured person might seek compensation for medical costs, property damage and even lost income if the accident prevented them from working.