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Columbus man dies after bicycle accident on I-270

Riding a bike in Columbus can be an enjoyable and healthy form of transportation. However, bicyclists are too often at risk when drivers fail to proceed with due caution on Ohio roadways. With that concern in mind, Columbus residents may be saddened to hear of a 20-year-old man who was recently struck by a pickup truck and killed while riding his bike alongside Interstate 270.

Police and paramedics arrived at the scene of the fatal accident at about 5 in the morning. The bicyclist was transported to Grant Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 5:48 a.m. The 25-year-old driver of the pickup was interviewed at the scene, and police ruled out alcohol, weather and excessive speed as factors that might have led to the accident. According to the Franklin County sheriff’s office, the part of the interstate where the incident occurred was not lit, and the deceased was wearing dark clothing. However, the accident is still under investigation.

While the Columbus police continue to investigate, the survivors of the deceased man’s family likely want to know what caused this tragedy. Regardless of the color of the young man’s clothing, it should be remembered that drivers have an obligation to obey traffic laws, including staying in the proper lane. As the investigation proceeds, a determination of fault may well result in a wrongful death suit.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in Ohio for bicyclists to be hit by vehicles because the driver was distracted or otherwise behaving negligently. When Columbus families believe that they have lost a loved one because of the reckless acts of others, those families may wish to consider discussing their concerns with an attorney who is well versed in wrongful death cases. An independent review of all of the facts and circumstances may be helpful as the family searches for some sense of justice in the wake of an unjust end to the life of their loved one.

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