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Columbus car accident causes 46th Columbus fatality this year

The failure to use reasonable care in driving a motor vehicle is the cause of a great many motor vehicle accidents in Columbus. Every time an individual gets behind the wheel of a car or other vehicle, the driver owes a duty to others in or near the roadway to take proper care in the operation of the vehicle. A violation of that duty can be as simple as a momentary distraction, such as looking away to change a radio station or to search for something in the glove compartment. Nevertheless, when someone is seriously injured, that negligence often forms the basis for a personal injury or wrongful death action seeking to recover monetary damages for injuries and pain and suffering occasioned by the negligent action.

About 10 p.m. on Oct. 21, a fatal car accident occurred on Refugee Road when a 1993 Mercedes veered left of the center of the roadway and crashed head-on into an oncoming 1992 Subaru sedan. The Subaru driver was rushed to Grant Medical Center, where he later died of his injuries. The Mercedes driver, who appears to have caused the accident, was unhurt save for a few minor injuries treated at the scene.

While alcohol was not considered a factor in the crash, police are still investigating the cause of the accident. The family of the deceased driver must now deal with the shock of losing a loved one in such an abrupt and senseless manner. They will understandably want answers and accountability should the other driver be found to have legal responsibility for the crash. In trying situations such as these, the family of the deceased always has a right to seek consultation in considering the possibility of negligence. If fault is perceived to lie with a particular individual, the family also has the right to pursue financial remuneration to hold any negligent parties responsible.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, “One killed in two-car crash on South Side,” Oct. 22, 2011