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Children and traumatic brain injuries

A specialist in pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation says that when a child suffers a traumatic brain injury, it the child’s parents who can help other friends and family members understand the challenges and emotions that must be dealt with. Not only is this vitally important in helping a child recover, but it is also important to helping the child return to school and home.

Traumatic brain injuries, according to health officials, are a common cause of death and disability in children. Most of these head injuries happen in the spring and summer months, as this is when children are the most active. Activities such as in-line skating, riding bicycles and skateboarding are all activities that can lead to a TBI.

Males are twice as likely to suffer a TBI. Adolescents have a high head injury risk. The term head injury is often called a TBI or a brain injury, depending on how much head trauma there is.

No two brain injuries are same, just as no two children are the same. Some may have great difficulties dealing with the emotional and physical challenges that are often present. Other children may not seem to have as much difficulty.

Children who have suffered a TBI very early in life sometimes begin having difficulties in school. If your child has suffered a TBI and is not functioning properly in school, he or she may need more rehabilitation or to visit his or her doctor. An attorney can help you as a parent files for compensation from an at-fault individual responsible for your child’s head injury.

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