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91-year-old injured in Coshocton accident, 17-year-old cited

A car accident occurred east of Franklin County in Coshocton on Nov. 11, when a 17-year-old girl lost control of her Jeep Liberty. She ran off County Road 3 and then swerved back onto the road and collided with a Dodge Dakota. Its 91-year-old driver was flown to The Ohio State University Medical Center. According to their addresses on the police report, the two drivers involved in the car accident live near one another on the same road.

The 17-year-old, cited for losing control of her vehicle, was taken by private car to a nearby hospital. Further word on her injuries had not been reported as yet. Likewise, there was no further information on the condition of the elderly man, other than the fact that hospital records did not list him as a patient two days later.

Initial police reports do not always list every pertinent detail. It will necessarily be incumbent on others who are interested in what actually occurred to review all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. The fact that the young woman was cited for losing control of her car may do much to determine legal responsibility for the accident. If it is found that she was negligent, Ohio law provides the injured man the right to recover monetary damages for his pain and suffering, as well as for any medical bills or disability that might have resulted from the other driver’s negligence.

A car accident can happen in a flash. A moment’s distraction, from glancing at a cell phone to changing a radio station, can be the unfortunate cause of a serious collision. While the first thought is for the safe recovery of all those who are injured, Ohio law offers victims the legal right to hold wrongdoers accountable for their reckless behavior.

Source:, “Man hospitalized after Friday accident,” Nov. 14, 2011