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Bicyclist suffers head injuries from car accident

Serious personal injury resulting from a car accident can be devastating. Every day, in and around Columbus, there are motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries, some of them fatal. When we learn that a car has struck a bicycle, we cringe at the mere thought of the impact. As drivers, we all recognize the necessity of exercising every reasonable care in avoiding contact with someone riding their bike. When a bicycle is struck by a motor vehicle, the bicyclist does not have structural protection to absorb the impact.

On August 3, a Jeep Cherokee hit a bicycle rider in the 2400 block of Harrison Road, near McKinley Avenue in West Columbus. The cyclist suffered a head injury and was rushed to Mount Carmel West Hospital for emergency treatment. Police were continuing to investigate the cause of the accident, and no further information was initially released.

When anyone is seriously injured from a car accident, the first thoughts and prayers are for the recovery of the victim. The victim and their family have all they can do dealing with the medical emergency created. However, it is also important to investigate thoroughly in order to learn what caused the accident. In cases where evidence points to the negligence of the driver of a motor vehicle, the law supports the right of the victim to seek monetary damages for their injuries as well as property and wage loss.

At a time when the family is consumed with the health of their loved one, a Columbus area attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases arising from car accidents may provide assistance to the family to ensure that they’re being legal interests are being pursued, so they can focus on mending.

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