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93-year-old Ohio man deceased after collision with semi truck

No citations were issued after a semi truck crashed into the back of a vehicle driven by an elderly Ohio man. The 93-year-old was said to have stopped his van unexpectedly on the roadway, where a tractor trailer crashed into the smaller vehicle from behind. The truck accident knocked the van into a ditch, and even as the elderly man was wearing a seatbelt, he suffered fatal injuries.

This tragic truck accident, for which no tickets were issued, may serve as a reminder to readers in the Columbus area that the circumstances of auto accidents must be closely scrutinized to determine who was at fault. Sometimes the families of victims are not satisfied with the initial report of a fatal accident, and a reconstruction of the collision is called for to determine exactly what caused the loss of a loved one.

Accidents involving a semi truck are different in many ways than accidents involving other kinds of motor vehicles. Obviously, a crash with an 18-wheeler can be much more serious. But it is also important to remember that the standards to which truck drivers are held are much higher than the standards that apply to non-commercial drivers. This difference can make the legal process surrounding a semi accident much more complicated.

Truck drivers are required to keep detailed driving records and driver logs. They must also adhere to very specific regulations regarding hours of service. These records and regulations often play an important part in the legal process when a commercial truck is involved in an accident.

For individuals who have been injured in a collision with a truck, it is important to gather accident reports, talk to witnesses and ensure a thorough investigation of the crash. Sometimes initial reports only skim the surface of why a fatal accident occurred, but victims and their families still deserve answers.

Source: The News-Gazette, “Ohio man dies in I-57 crash in Douglas County,” Mary Shenk, April 11, 2012