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What types of abuse and neglect affect nursing home residents?

Nursing home neglect and abuse are problems that elderly citizens shouldn’t have to deal with. Sadly, those are issues that creep up in nursing homes without any warnings. Understanding the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect and learning a bit about these horrors might help family members who have a loved one in these facilities.

What are different types of abuse and neglect senior citizens might fall victim to?

Senior citizens might suffer from sexual, physical, mental, emotional and financial abuse and neglect. In some cases, medical neglect or health care abuse are possible. In all these forms, the senior citizen might be afraid to speak up about the issues that are occurring.

What are some signs that a senior citizen is being abused or neglected?

The signs of nursing home abuse and neglect vary greatly. Generally, the nursing home resident might seem withdrawn or exhibit behaviors that might be misconstrued as signs of dementia. In the case of sexual or physical abuse, bruising and other outward signs may be present. Emotional and mental abuse might make the senior citizen depressed or overly cautious about what is being said. Financial abuse is often found only when learning the senior citizen can’t afford basic necessities or upon reviewing financial records. Health care or medical abuse is often noticed because of variations in medication or double billing.

It is important to step up and speak out when you think a senior citizen is being abused or neglected. Helping victims explore their options for stopping the deplorable actions against them and seeking compensation might help them decide what to do.

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