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Two-car accident under investigation in Ohio

A tragic accident in Medina, Ohio claimed the life of one woman and injured six other people. Members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed that a fatal car accident took place at the intersection of Friendsville Road and US Route 224 late July 3rd. The accident proved deadly for a 75-year-old female passenger.

Police reports state that the two-car accident occurred when the driver of one vehicle ran a red light and proceeded through the intersection at the same time as the car carrying the now-deceased victim. The driver of that vehicle told police that his sandal had fallen off and that he momentarily looked down to straighten it out. He unintentionally ran the red light, and subsequently collided with the other vehicle.

Emergency responders were dispatched and the 75-year-old woman lost her life on the scene. The driver at fault, and his four additional passengers, were all taken to local hospitals for treatment and evaluation. There is currently no information on the extent of the injuries the driver or his passengers sustained in the crash and police have confirmed that, as of now, no charges have been filed.

Unexpected deaths, like those that are caused by car accidents, can leave a family with many expenses that they may not have been prepared to pay. Seeking compensation can help cover those costs. Ohio individuals facing similar circumstances may find relief in seeking remedies to cover possible medical costs, lost wages, funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

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