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Stolen truck crashes into Westlake bar, 12 injured

Law enforcement authorities reported that a 26-year-old Cleveland man crashed an allegedly stolen pickup truck into a Westlake bar on Oct. 23. According to police, the man had multiple warrants, and the truck had been reported stolen from Avon Lake. At the time of the accident, the man was reportedly being chased by authorities from both the Avon and Avon Lake police departments.

Law enforcement authorities apparently threw stop sticks in the street in an effort to render the truck immobile. When the truck hit them, it allegedly caused him to lose control and careen off of the road and into the bar.

The pickup truck then reportedly struck 12 patrons and bartenders inside of the establishment. Two bartenders who were pinned in the wreckage had to be airlifted for treatment of serious injuries they reportedly incurred due to the collision. Ten patrons were additionally injured, according to reports. Witnesses claim the man attempted to escape the scene following the accident but was stopped by police officers from doing so. Around 75 people were inside of the bar at the time of the chase and collision.

Ohio residents rarely expect any danger from vehicles while inside of buildings or establishments. When pedestrians are injured in car accidents, they may be able to hold the driver liable for the injuries and pain they have suffered. When a driver has been grossly negligent, the injured victims may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to economic and noneconomic losses. People who find themselves in such situations may benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney who deals in car accident cases.

Source: News Net 15, “Truck crashes into Westlake bar causing injuries following police chase”, Tim Rearden, October 24, 2014