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Parent or Grandparent Seriously Injured in a Nursing Home in Columbus

Do you have a parent or grandparent who was seriously injured in a fall in a Columbus or Central Ohio nursing home? It is unfortunate how many seniors suffer head injuries, hip fractures or a broken neck or back in falls each year throughout nursing homes or extended care facilities in Ohio. A fall can happen for many reasons, but in most cases it is simply a matter of neglect. Nursing homes are required by law to maintain experienced and certified nursing staff, but many simply cannot and do not have enough nurses or technicians to monitor patients and provide adequate supervision.

Open or closed head trauma, broken / fractured hips or fractures in the neck and spine can have serious and permanent long term ramifications for seniors. These injuries can leave them permanently disabled and significantly impact the cost of taking care them, while reducing their enjoyment and quality of life. You may have noticed previous signs that concerned you, and now that your loved one is injured you are upset and want to know what to do. We are experienced injury and nursing home accident attorneys who have been serving Columbus and Central Ohio for decades. We will hold the nursing home accountable for what has happened, and help to make things as right as possible. Call 614-224-8187 for a free consultation or contact us to schedule an appointment. You can trust us to manage the legal issues and communications with insurance companies and the nursing home so that you can focus on taking care of your beloved parent or grandparent.