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Ohio car accident injures 30 pedestrians

Recently in Lima, Ohio, over 1,000 residents had gathered to enjoy a weekly town event with live music when a car barreled into a crowd of people. Roughly 50 pedestrians were said to be in the car’s path, and about 30 people were injured in the car accident.

According to a news report, some of the injured pedestrians were pinned beneath the vehicle, and bystanders had to life the car up to free the victims.

The 63-year-old woman who was driving the car was reportedly not injured. Authorities have said they don’t think the crash was intentional. However, the injured parties may still be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries as well as for any associated costs, such as medical expenses or lost wages.

Our readers in Columbus likely know that compensation for those kinds of damages can be obtained through a personal injury claim.

After an accident such as this one, it is also important for victims to know that they will likely have to deal with insurance companies. It is not uncommon for these companies to seek to deny personal injury claims by asserting that an injury is related to a pre-existing condition or that the driver who caused the injury wasn’t negligent. In these situations, car accident victims will want to consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure that their rights are protected.

As for the multi-pedestrian accident in Lima, one positive aspect is that many people likely witnessed the event. Testimony from some of these witnesses may prove valuable should any of the victims decide to pursue compensation for damages.

Source: Chillicothe Gazette, “Ohio police: Car into crowd appears accidental,” June 18, 2012