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ATV vs. car accident leaves two Ohio men dead

Two Ohio men are dead after a tragic accident. This was no usual car accident like those that usually involve passenger vehicles or semis. This car crash involved one passenger vehicle and one ATV. The head-on collision caused the death of the 24-year-old and 31-year-old men traveling in the ATV.

The accident occurred around 8:30 PM in the evening on Happy Hollow Road in Ohio. The ATV and the passenger vehicle, which also had two individuals traveling in it, were headed in opposite directions. The impact caused the death of both men in the ATV. The driver of the passenger vehicle did not sustain any injuries. However, the passenger in the vehicle suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital.


This incident was tragic for all of those involved, including the families of the deceased. However, reports have begun to surface that the driver of the ATV had been drinking and that the ATV may have crossed the center line. In addition, it is reportedly illegal to drive an ATV on the road where the accident occurred.

However, there have also been reports of conflicting information regarding the car accident. The parents of the deceased are devastated and at this point are simply asking that there be a proper investigation into the accident to determine what really happened.

When individuals are injured in motor vehicle accidents they may be entitled to compensation to help them pay for their medical treatment and other financial obligations that arise as a result of the accident. If the victim is fatally injured, then sometimes their survivors can obtain compensation. However, the key to recovering damages is proving the negligence of the other party.

Cases such as this one, where one party is immediately assumed guilty, are difficult. It is often helpful in such situations to obtain the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. It is important that every detail of the accident is analyzed to determine if the injured party is entitled to compensation and this is a process that a legal representative could help with.

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