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Tips for Columbus drivers to prevent motorcycle accidents

Spring has come to Columbus. With sunny skies and temperatures rising into the 70s, motorcyclists throughout the metro area are prepping their bikes and taking to the streets and highways again. Unfortunately, if spring is the start of motorcycle season in Columbus, it is also the time of year when motorcycle accidents start happening.

Many motorcycle collisions with larger vehicles happen because a car or truck driver was negligent and made a crucial, avoidable mistake. Here are three tips for drivers who do not want to seriously injure a rider.

  • Do not tailgate motorcycles. Tailgating is never safe, but especially so when it is a motorcycle in front of you. Riders need plenty of space in case they need to make a sudden stop or turn.
  • Look for multiple bikes. If you see one rider, chances are good there are more close by. Many motorcyclists like to ride in groups. Don’t assume that just because you are clear of one bike, it is okay to turn or change lanes.
  • Watch your blind spots. A motorcycle can be even harder to find in your vehicle’s blind spots than a much larger truck, SUV or car. Use your mirrors to be certain that it is safe before you merge or change lanes.

Finally, here’s a reminder for people with lawns: don’t toss your grass clippings onto the road in front of your home. It can cause a motorcycle to lose grip on the road and cause a wreck.

Even experienced riders cannot always avoid getting injured by negligent motorists. When they do, turning to a personal injury attorney for help can make the process of getting fair compensation faster and easier.