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SUV smashes into buggy in Ohio accident

A 28-year-old man was killed in an accident involving an SUV and buggy. The man was riding in the buggy with four family members at the time of the crash. The fatal accident occurred on Tavern Road in Burton March 30 just before 9 p.m.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s office says that the 42-year-old man who was driving the 1999 Ford Explorer that struck the buggy smelled of alcohol just after the incident occurred. That man has been charged with several violations, including aggravated vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. The driver said that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel just before rear-ending the buggy. Police are continuing to investigate the crash.

Four of the people who were riding the buggy were taken to University Hospitals’ Geauga Campus, where one person died. Later, one of the injured, a 19-year-old woman, was transported by helicopter to Metro health. The fifth person, the man who was driving the buggy, refused treatment. Ohio’s population of 59,000 Amish ranks as the highest in the country, and officials believe there are around 120 accidents between cars and buggies every year.

Those who are injured in an accident may have the right to seek compensation if another driver’s negligence caused the crash. In this story, the damages suffered in the crash may place the victims into a position of financial hardship due to the cost of medical treatment and lost financial support from the deceased. However, compensation for these damages pursued through civil lawsuits may help the family recover. An attorney representing the victims may evaluate the extent of the damages suffered and help them seek compensation through settlement negotiations or litigation in court.

Source: News Net 5, “Geauga Co. Sheriff’s Office: Man killed in Burton after SUV smashes into buggy carrying five people”, Veronica McGraw, March 31, 2014