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Study finds doctors misdiagnosing Type 3c diabetes

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the most common types of diabetes mellitus diagnosed by health care providers. However, Ohio readers may be interested in learning that doctors often misdiagnose a lesser-known third form of the disease, according to a new study. The research was published in the journal ‘Diabetes Care.”

University of Surry researchers found that many doctors misdiagnose type 3c diabetes, which is caused by pancreatic disease, as type 2 diabetes, which occurs when an adult cannot produce enough insulin. This could be harmful to patients because the two types of diabetes require different treatments.

In the study, scientists examined more than 30,000 cases of adult-onset diabetes. They found that nearly 560 of the cases were diagnosed after the appearance of pancreatic disease. However, doctors diagnosed 88 percent of the cases linked to pancreatic disease as type 2 diabetes and only 3 percent as type 3c. The researchers believe this indicates that many cases were misdiagnosed. As a result, the authors of the study recommended that doctors improve their ability to recognize and diagnose type 3c diabetes. They also recommended that patients who are concerned that they have been misdiagnosed mention the University of Surry study to their primary care physicians.

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