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Rubbernecking leads to fatal accident

It seems that people find it very hard to resist trying to sneak a peek at an accident that occurred in front of them on the highway. The problem remains that in doing so, people can become victims of an accident themselves. This is apparently what happened to a 69-year-old Pataskala man in an accident on Interstate 70 near Columbus.

The man was driving his Chrysler minivan when he was rear-ended by a 21-year-old New Concord man. It is unclear whether these two individuals were looking onward at a motorcycle crash that had happened earlier in the day, but the motorcycle accident was claimed to have been a possible factor. The 69- year-old man was airlifted to Grant Medical Center in Columbus, where he later passed away from his injuries.

The minivan driver’s wife was taken by ambulance to Grant Medical Center where she was treated for minor injuries and then released. The New Concord man was reportedly uninjured in the crash. According to what family members put in his obituary, the man was a Vietnam War veteran and is survived by his wife, two children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The family of the man who died in this story is likely grieving from their loss. The man they have known and loved for so long is no longer with them. In cases of what appears to be an accidental death, the family may want to consider gaining the advice and services of an accident attorney. An attorney may be able to help them in understanding their rights concerning fatal car wrecks, as well as potentially helping them reach a financial resolution.

Source: The Newark Advocate, “Pataskala man dies after Monday crash,” Sept. 11, 2011