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Rehabilitation for a brain injury starts in the hospital

When you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, you usually need to seek medical care. If the TBI has caused significant issues, you will likely find yourself in the hospital. There are several things that will happen when you go into the hospital. Your medical team will work to get you stabilized and then they will work toward a diagnosis.

Once you are stabilized and your condition is assessed, you will likely start your road to recovery. This usually includes going through rehabilitation programs. In most cases, the rehabilitation program will start while you are still in the hospital, but it might not be very intense. The rehabilitation is usually an initial program that is used to get you ready to be discharged or transferred to another facility.

Once you are discharged, you will move to another rehabilitation program. This is inpatient if you are sent to another facility or outpatient if you are discharged to go home. In either case, the goal of the rehabilitation remains the same — to help you learn to function at the highest level possible.

The type of rehabilitation program you will have to go through depends on the circumstances of the case. For example, rehabilitation for a person dependent upon a ventilator would be different from a person who is having communication troubles.

Many rehabilitation programs involve a team of professionals who work together on your case. Because finances can limit the rehabilitation options for you, seeking compensation might be something to consider so that you can work toward being able to afford the best care possible.

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