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Ohio truck accident results in death of two

An Ohio truck accident resulted in the death of two individuals and other injuries. The fatal accident involved seven vehicles.

The truck accident occurred on Interstate 75 near Tipp City and north of Dayton, according to the State Highway Patrol. One semi truck hit a vehicle in front of it and then another semi truck. The second semi truck struck another truck, causing three other vehicles in front of the final truck to get hit. The accident occurred in a construction zone, and state troopers are blaming the accident on the failure of one of the truck drivers to stop. The accident resulted in the death of two truck drivers. A woman in the first car who was hit was transported to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The accident also created a line of flames on the highway.

When a fatal accident occurs, one of the primary questions that people may not know where to turn for help or who to blame. The answer to these questions depends on the circumstances of the case and whether any of the parties involved in the accident acted in a negligent manner. Negligence means that a person had a duty of care to act in a reasonably prudent manner, and he or she breached this duty of care, causing damages to another party. If the victim’s attorney could prove all of these elements beyond a preponderance of the evidence, compensation may be available to the victim.

Ohio personal injury attorneys may be able to assist the victims of fatal accidents. They may be able to help a family pursue a wrongful death claim in order to receive fair compensation for funeral costs or pain and suffering.

Source: FOX 19, “Semi-truck triggers Ohio chain collision; 2 die “, August 29, 2013