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Nursing malpractice is a very serious issue with lots of causes

Nurses are usually tasked with a host of duties when they work in any setting. Being able to provide proper patient care must be a top concern for every nurse. This means learning how to prioritize tasks, such as taking care of a patient’s medical needs before assisting with comfort measures like bringing cups of water. It also means having open communication with the rest of the medical team and keeping a close eye on the patient.

When nurses drop the ball, it is likely that the patients under their care won’t get adequate care. That can lead to patient harm.

There is a seemingly unlimited number of reasons why nurses might not provide patients with the care that is necessary. Interestingly, one of the factors isn’t even something that the nurses can control. It is all too common for medical facilities in this country to understaff the nursing department. That doesn’t excuse the lack of adequate care that the nurses provide, but it might end up being a big factor if a patient is harmed and opts to seek compensation.

We understand how frustrating it is to not get the care you need when you are counting from medical professionals. We can help you investigate the cause of the inadequate care so that we can formulate a plan to help you seek the compensation you deserve. No matter what the circumstances that occurred when you weren’t cared for, the people and parties responsible for the lax care shouldn’t be allowed to get away with harming you during your time of need.