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Most common distracted driving habits

Driving in the state of Ohio can be quite dangerous. There are so many vehicles on the roads and it’s difficult to trust others around you. Distracted driving is a big problem in the state that law enforcement is working to curb. Aside from using a phone while driving, both for texting and talking, there are other bad habits drivers have when behind the wheel.

Even though many cars are sold because of the navigation system installed, this is actually a big distraction for drivers. Drivers who follow GPS, or use the screen in their dashboard to select music, might find themselves in a precarious situation on the roads of Ohio.

Having children or pets in the car can also cause distractions for drivers. Children should be buckled in proper safety seats in the rear of the vehicle. Pets should never be in the front seat, let alone on the lap of the driver. Even yelling or talking to children can be a distraction.

Late for work? So many people are these days, which leads to them eating while driving. Eating when behind the wheel, combined with drinking hot coffee, can be a big distraction. Eating messy food requires a driver to spend more time cleaning him or herself up when driving.

Have you ever noticed a driver leaning over in the driver’s seat? They are likely looking for something that they dropped. This can be their phone or any other item. A driver who is spending time looking for a dropped item is taking his or her eyes off the road and sometimes his or her hands off the wheel.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver in Columbus, visit our site to learn more about protecting your rights.