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Columbus man killed in trailer-tractor crash

Police are investigating after a Columbus man was killed in a chain reaction crash caused by a tractor-trailer on US Highway 30. The semi-truck caused a three-car collision after it barreled through a traffic light. Trucking accidents like this one are often fatal due to the sheer weight and force of the vehicle. The danger of accidents involving tractor-trailers is often high due to their frequent use of major highways.

The accident happened in front of a convenience store on the highway and police said it was recorded on film by the store’s security camera. Authorities said the film documents the Florida trucker traveling westbound on the highway at a high rate of speed and not stopping in time for the red traffic light. The 47-year-old truck driver crashed into the rear of a sports utility vehicle stopped at the light. The force of the crash pushed the SUV out into the intersection where it collided with a car driven by the 56-year-old Columbus man. The man had just turned onto the highway from East 29th Avenue. He was declared dead at the scene.

The trucker was not charged at the scene, though he was later arrested after authorities viewed the security film. He was about to leave the state by plane when police apprehended him. Police say the man is facing a motor vehicle homicide charge.

For the family of the deceased, the law allows recovery of monetary damages for wrongful death. A Columbus attorney dedicated to helping families prepare and prosecute claims against wrongdoers may offer some solace and support in the pursuit of justice.

Source: The Columbus Telegram, “Fla. trucker charged in fatal crash,” Jim Osborn, Aug. 19, 2011