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Young girl dead and 20 more injured after Ohio car accident

In Ohio at this time of year, the weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions. It is important for drivers to be extra careful when roads become slick and visibility is limited in order to avoid being in a car accident. Unfortunately, in the wake of recent snow conditions there were several multiple vehicle accidents in the state. One resulted in at least 20 people being injured and one 12-year-old girl being killed.

Although weather was clearly a factor in causing the pileup, the accident is still under investigation by authorities. The accident occurred around 11:30 AM. The 12-year-old girl had gotten out of a vehicle that had been damaged in the collision. She was standing next to a cable barrier in a median when another vehicle collided with that barrier, causing it to break and strike the girl. She was fatally injured.

When authorities responded to the scene of the accident they discovered that 86 vehicles were involved.

The accident is still under investigation so it is unknown whether the weather conditions alone will take the blame or whether someone’s negligence contributed to the pileup. If it is determined that the negligence of one or more individuals caused the accident, then those that were injured may be able to recover compensation from the negligent parties by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The damages that can be recovered in these types of lawsuits can compensate the injured for the cost of their medical treatment, the income that they lose as a result of their accident injuries, loss of future earning capacity, pain, disability and disfigurement. If a person is killed due to another’s negligence, the deceased person’s next of kin have the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages recoverable for wrongful death include medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and loss of companionship.

Source: Daily News, “Massive 86-car pileup in Ohio leaves 12-year-old girl dead, at least 20 others injured,” Jan. 22, 2013