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Wrongful death suit settled when man dies after hospital release

Most people expect that when they receive treatment at a hospital they won’t be released until they have fully recovered from their illness or injury. Not so for an Ohio man, whose family recently settled a $500,000 wrongful death lawsuit with a medical center.

A 23-year-old family man diagnosed and treated for a subarachnoid hemorrhage and skull fracture at one hospital subsequently transferred to another medical center. There he received an evaluation of his brain injuries, including an additional CAT scan.

A few hours later, doctors at the medical center released the young man with a prescription for pain medication. Additionally, they advised him to follow up in two weeks, if needed. The next morning, the young man died due to his brain injury.

The young man’s father filed a wrongful death suit against the medical center for his son’s estate, which includes the senior man’s grandson. The suit sought multiple damages including loss of support, companionship, and services as well as mental anguish. Now the Court of Claims has found the medical center liable for the death of the young man, citing that his care fell below the required standards.

In this particular instance, the parties were able to settle this case before it went to trial regarding damages. It doesn’t always work out that way. Very often wrongful death suits involve a lengthy investigation to determine liability as well as the nature and monetary value of the family’s loss.

Nothing will ever bring a loved one back. However, with the assistance of the right legal representation it’s easier to deal with the pain, suffering, and loss of a loved one, especially someone who provides financial as well as emotional support to the family.

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer, “Hospital to pay family of man who died day after discharge,” June 19, 2013